Fraud, scams, these 3 most “dangerous” destinations on the Internet?

Between fake real estate ads and fraudulent sites, scams abound on the Internet as the summer holidays approach.

As the summer period approaches, so does the search for holiday destinations. And its share of bad deals, even scams. For the occasion, the McAfee company, which offers antivirus software, published a study entitled “Summer holidays in complete safety” to warn Internet users against the risks of scams when booking, identified Le Figaro.

Because according to this survey 31% of respondents, i.e almost a third have already been victims of a travel-related scam when booking. Almost a quarter of them have lost €1,000 or more in a single scam.

Two French destinations among the most affected by scams

Therefore, some destinations are particularly targeted, starting with the most popular ones, finds a second study, this time carried out by McAfee Labs researchers. Thereby, Bangkokcapital of Thailand, is at the top of the list of the most affected tourist destinations Online booking scams. So Marrakech in Morocco which comes in second place, followed by Lisbon AND Brings to Portugal, then leaves Dubai in fifth place.

France is no exception, given that two destinations appear in the top 10 of the most affected by online scams: Pointe-a-Pitrein Guadeloupe, in eighth position, as wellAjaccioin Corsica in tenth position.

Among the most common frauds,and payment after providing your banking information on a fake siteby clicking on a malicious link from an unknown sourceor even manipulated photos of the holiday destination. More than one in ten people have already paid a deposit for accommodation that did not exist, while 7% say they have paid for the activities in advance only to discover that they were different from those advertised.

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