“So sad”: Angelina Jolie used banned technique against Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith

It looks like Angelina Jolie has finally decided to ruin Brad Pitt’s relationship with his kids. People around Pitt began talking about a certain pattern regarding the behavior and cases of children of ex-spouses.

According to Page Six’s source, what is happening resembles a well-planned revenge. According to an insider, Jolie is fighting the winery by any means necessary, which the celebrities have been suing for several years.

Angelina Jolie with children. Photo: Getty Images

“It’s very sad, but there’s a pattern: Every time he wins in court, he responds with something about the kids,” a source close to Pitt said. That’s why the court recently sided with Brad Pitt and requested documents from Jolie about the work of the castle staff over the last eight years. After that, their common children began to change their surnames en masse.

18-year-old Shiloh, who once voiced her ideas about moving in with her father, was the first to file a document allowing her surname to be changed from “Jolie-Pitt” to “Jolie.” Vivienne mentioned her father in the poster of the musical she produced with Angelina Jolie. Zahara identified herself only as “Jolie” during the college sorority launch.

Source: People Talk

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