A bold new departure: Kim Cattrall compared to Sarah Jessica Parker

Kim Cattrall’s bold new look appears to have given “Sex and the City” cult fans the opportunity to compare the actresses decades later, the Daily Mail writes.

Kim Cattrall. Photo: Getty Images

The truth is that Kim has until now led a rather private lifestyle, but now the 67-year-old actress can increasingly be seen at social events. This time, the star appeared at the opening of a hotel in Athens with her boyfriend Russell Thomas.

For such an occasion, the artist chose a bold image that her heroine Samantha would definitely choose. The star wore a long dress with an unusual print, and the thigh-high slit and bare shoulder gave the look a special boldness.

However, the actress’s stylish appearance may cause a new wave of criticism towards Sarah Jessica Parker, who is currently filming the sequel of the series. According to readers of the publication, the actress who played Carrie has not managed to start aging as gracefully as Kim. Also, commentators write that the actor should learn from his colleague the ability to not only look good, but also dress stylishly.

Source: People Talk

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