Everything is serious: Morgenstern* talked to Liza Vasilenko about children

Alisher Morgenstern* signaled serious intentions by commenting on the new video of his girlfriend Liza Vasilenko on a banned social network.

Alisher Morgenstern* and Lisa Vasilenko. Photo: social networks

The other day, the model published a video on her personal blog in which she appeared in different versions of summer looks with bouquets of flowers and asked her subscribers which option suits her best. In response, Lisa received hundreds of compliments; followers wrote that she looked like a fairy. The rapper did not miss his girlfriend’s new post. “God,” he wrote, and later shared it on his page, adding: “This will be the mother of my children.”

Photo: social networks

Let us remind you that the relationship between the rapper and the girl became known in May 2023, but he announced their separation in October. However, they were found holidaying together in Bali at the end of January this year. Shortly after, the couple confirmed they were back together.

*Alisher Morgenstern is included in the list of persons performing the duties of a foreign representative.

Source: People Talk

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