Pajama Party: 3 films to watch with your kids on Disney+ this weekend

  • Vaiana: to watch and re-watch again and again

  • Encanto: the little nugget that the whole family will love

  • Coco: a true masterpiece

Not sure what movie to watch with your kids this weekend? We offer you a small selection of our favorites available on Disney+.

So, what will we watch this weekend as a family? After the films to watch with children on Netflix, we offer you three cartoons on Disney+, perfect for a sleepover. Get the popcorn, throws and pillows ready, let’s go.

Vaiana: to watch and re-watch again and again

Fearless, intelligent and charismatic, Moana is one of the best Disney princesses. At the same time, she is not a princess, she is a future tribal leader who leads her people with kindness. The film is a gem, the songs are fantastic, the characters are all fantastic, in short it’s worth seeing again and again.

Encanto: the little nugget that the whole family will love

The little nugget of 2022, finally available on Disney+. Colors, magic and pop songs that stick in your head, all with a story and a moral that will bring a few tears to your eyes: it’s a winning combination. Go look Enchantmentthe whole family will like it.

Coco: a true masterpiece

How can we approach death and grief in a world that children can understand? With the vision of Coco and her magical and incredible universe, which will appeal to adults and children. Poetic, philosophical and incredibly beautiful, Coco is a true masterpiece.

What if the movie you were going to see tonight was a dump? Each week, Kalindi Ramphul gives you her opinion on which movie to see (or not) on the show The Only Opinion That Matters.

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