It bears repeating more than once: no one understands these films from recent years on the first viewing.

It bears repeating more than once: no one understands these films from recent years on the first viewing.

And sometimes even the second isn’t enough.

Films by Christopher Nolan, David Lynch or David Fincher are almost always real puzzles that cannot be viewed abstractly. But even among lesser-known directors, there are those who lead the viewer down a dead end in the middle of the film, only to confuse everything even more by the finale.

Take Hang Out in Palm Springs, for example, which in the description may sound like Groundhog Day to millennials. It’s not so easy to understand whether Niles and Sarah have gotten out of the time loop, and Roy’s fate only becomes clear in the post-credits scene.

The situation is similar to ‘The Lighthouse’, which from the first viewing seems more like a psychedelic fairy tale. In fact, there is so much symbolism and mythology in Eggers’ work that it would be enough for several films.

There are references to the cosmic of Lovecraft, and allusions to the paintings of Durer and Schneider, and a mythological background – it will take a long time to understand.

‘Everything, Everywhere and at Once’ should not seem like just another spectacular action film about traveling between worlds, because the meaning of the film lies in Eastern philosophy, the fight against nihilism and the concept of Tao. Even if it is served via fighting on rubber toys for adults.

Even ‘Parasite’ has a double meaning, the makers of which, as it turned out a few years after the premiere, even emphasized the social difference between rich and poor with the help of… sounds.

The worse the family lives, the noisier their environment: from the constant barking of dogs and the sound of the engine in their basement house to the echoing silence in the Pak mansion.

In the Russian ‘Execution’ the hidden meaning lies in the criticism of that era in general and the passivity of the police in particular. “Evil does not come in small doses” is the main idea of ​​the merciless thriller, which is not immediately clear.

Photo source: Still from the movie “The Hangover”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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