‘I’m so shy’: Francis Ford Coppola responds to accusations of inappropriate behavior

Francis Ford Coppola. Photo: Getty Images

85-year-old director Francis Ford Coppola found himself at the epicenter of a scandal. He was accused of inappropriate behavior on the set of the movie Megapolis.

In mid-May, The Guardian published an article alleging that Coppola had committed obscenity. According to the text, he forced women to sit on his lap and even tried to kiss some extras. The director seemed to motivate all of this with a desire to raise the morale of the artists.

Francis Ford Coppola gave his review to the New York Times. “I’m very shy. Besides, my mother told me that if you flirt with a woman, it means you don’t respect her,” the director replied.

Recently Francis Ford Coppola severely criticized “superhero movies”. At the same time, his nephew Nicolas Cage will soon appear in the dark Spider-Man role.

Source: People Talk

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