Dry feet? I tested the best-selling foot cream in France in the pharmacy (one tube per minute)

Summer is fast approaching and summer means sandals, bare feet… But before that, hydrating your feet is essential. We’ve found a miracle cream to get baby’s feet back (well, almost).

I don’t know about you but me, My feet are dry. And I really don’t want to show off my flaky skin for everyone to see. And at the same time, with the arrival of summer I really want to wear some rather open shoes. First option, if you are not a fan of toes, I recommend this selection of fisherman sandals, recommended by my colleague Antony. If, on the other hand, you love your feet and want to show them off, the time has come to take care of them. And it starts with good hydration. Feet are a naturally underhydrated area.

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Great discovery: Akileïne Hydra-Defense conditioner

I discovered this cream which proved to be very effective. The product was offered to me, without request for compensation. It is a Akileïne Hydra-Defense conditioner. It turns out that this foot cream is the best-selling in France in pharmacies (one tube per minute). I tested the product for 3 weeks, every night before going to bed, I applied a layer of cream (it penetrates easily) and wore socks so that the balm penetrates even better.

Conclusion: my feet are very soft, clearly hydrated. The open toed shoes are mine this weekend! The advantage is also that the effect lasts over time. The feet are always hydrated the next day. And some days I forgot to wear it. Positive: the composition is clean, 95% ingredients of natural origin. Say goodbye to PEGs, silicones, mineral oils and other SLS in this daily treatment. And also good to know: it can be used from 6 years of age. Finally it's time for a manicure, and we have identified the coolest trend for summer 2024.

akileine foot balm
AKILEÏNE - Hydra-Defense Balm - Dry and very dry feet, 125 ml

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