What does the coolest t-shirt of the season look like, worn by Zendaya, Jennifer Lawrence and other fashion influencers?

Who would have thought that a simple gray slogan t-shirt would become the object of desire of many fashion influencers? That’s exactly what happened with Zendaya’s song in the movie “The Contenders.” We’re talking about the same Loewe T-shirt with the provocative inscription “So I Said” (“I told you so”) worn by the actress’ hero in Luca Guadagnino’s new movie.

Zendaya. Photo: A frame from the movie “Contestants”

After Zendaya’s character appeared in this T-shirt, the actress decided to walk her in real life. Many fashion bloggers and even some celebrities followed her. So, the other day, Jennifer Lawrence appeared in the viral I Told Ya t-shirt. The actress paired it with basic dress trousers and a Dior bag. We have no doubt that this t-shirt will be the most fashionable this summer. See the photo here.

Zendaya. Photo: Legion Media

By the way, after the movie “The Contenders”, a new trend appeared on social networks: Tenniscore. Quickly see how to create an image in this style and where to buy suitable items.

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