“Weakness”: Anna Khilkevich complained of severe symptoms of her third pregnancy

Last month, Anna Khilkevich announced that she would become a mother again. The college star and her husband Arthur Volkov are having a daughter. Parents have not yet decided on the name of the baby, as each insists on his own.

Anna Khilkevich. Photo: social networks

It seems like this isn’t the player’s biggest problem right now. Now the celebrity is seven months pregnant. However, according to Anna, the first trimester was not easy for her. “The most difficult period. Toxicosis, impotence, desire to sleep (without such an opportunity), nervous breakdowns,” Khilkevich shared on his personal blog.

Anna Khilkevich. Photo: social networks

The artist added that he had never experienced such feelings with his previous children. According to Anna, she only felt better in the third or fourth month. The star stated that she was able to avoid the worst as she had faced the threat of miscarriage in one of her previous pregnancies.

Earlier, the actress showed off her changing body in a crop top. Anna always noticed that she had “huge bellies”, but according to measurements, everything turned out to be within normal limits.

Source: People Talk

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