Summer holidays: the 4 most LGBT-friendly destinations

At the beginning of Pride month, a few days ago, the British media “The Independent” listed holiday destinations where “queer” people could feel good.

We know it, minority populations cannot live in peace in all countries of the world, discrimination and criminalization of identities are still effective, particularly for LGBTQI+ people. So, while going on vacation to a foreign country should be a simple formality, “queer” people need to pay attention to their safety.

As the summer holidays approach, the British media The independent listed the travel destinations considered most “LBGT friendly”


You don’t have to go far to spend a holiday in an area where homosexuality is not criminalised. Second The independentthe English cities of Brighton AND Manchester host, which hosts several “pride marches”, are the favorite destinations for LGBtQI+ English people.

Other European destinations are also popular: Denmark (which opened its first gay bar in 1955), Estonia which legalized same-sex marriage last January, but also, Spaincity Madrid, Barcelona, Gran canariaAND Sitgesbeing privileged.

United States

Although the country is undergoing a reactionary offensive, particularly on abortion rights, some cities continue to welcome LGBTQI+ people. The independent, New York on the east coast, Palm Springs on the west coast or You love me in Florida they represent a peaceful destination.

south of Australia

South Australia, one of the first states in this region of the world to decriminalize homosexuality, also serves as a star destination. And for good reason, it seems among the most LGBTQI-friendly countries in the world. However, behaviors towards queer people can be revealed more offensive in some regions and remote areas.


With its recent anti-discrimination laws supporting transgender rights, Thailand is considered a “paradise” for trans people. The country is praised in particular for the city of Bangkokwhere an LGBTQI+ community animates the daily life of numerous bars and nightclubs.

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