The price of this juice continues to increase and it is because of climate change

Although the price of concentrated orange juice has increased by 24% in a year, this increase is unlikely to stop in the coming months.

The Orange juice, a luxury product ? Although inflation is decreasing (very) slowly, some everyday products are holding up. Like this drink that the French consume on average 24.1 liters per year. But in recent months the price of the bottle has (also) increased very sharply, increasing by 11% in a year for pure juice, or even 24% for concentrated juice.

Shortage of orange crops

This should not stop: Orange juice prices are rising sharply on American markets. This year, the price of a ton of frozen concentrated juice, the market’s benchmark, reached $6,500, a figure up more than 70% in a year and 300% in two and a half years, say our colleagues at BFMTV.

An increase linked to orange crops in Brazil, the world’s top exporting country, where harvests are increasingly difficult, having fallen by 24% this year, reports The echoes. Harvests are at their lowest in 36 years, due to climate change. Drought has affected many growing areas, including Brazil numerous heat records in recent months – last March it felt up to 63 degrees in Rio.

Huanglongbing disease, also called "yellow dragon" disease, also affects crops: according to the consumer magazine it has infected almost 40% of the country's orange trees Thanks for the info. A disease that also affects crops in Florida, in the United States, the world's second largest producer of oranges.

This causes shortages that are expected to continue to impact products on supermarket shelves, as the price of orange juice bottles is expected to rise by 40-50 cents in the coming months.

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