Anna Semenovich showed her figure for the first time after losing weight

Anna Semenovich turned to an endocrinologist for help in April. After tests, the former lead singer of Brilliant was diagnosed with insulin resistance. The singer was prescribed a medication for diabetes that allowed him to lose weight. She lost five kilos during the time she was taking the drug. And it won’t stop there yet.

Anna Semenovich. Photo: social networks

On her personal blog, the artist showed what her figure now looks like in a swimsuit. Anna stated that she was pleased with the result. “We swam, we danced, it was time to eat. This is a real holiday,” Anna shared.

Fans of the singer did not stand aside and wrote many compliments. “Anyuta, beautiful! Gorgeous! Don’t listen to snakes!”, “Wow! Well done Anechka! Flat tummy” fans appreciated the slimmer figure of the star.

Before Anna Semenovich lost weight. Photo: social networks

Previously, singer Kelly Clarkson revealed her secret to losing weight. She assured him that the transformation was not due to the effects of a well-known drug.

Source: People Talk

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