Because it’s time sex education was actually taught in schools

Various associations including Family Planning and Sidaction denounce Nicole Belloubet for false information on sexual education courses.

Mrs Belloubet, when it comes to sexual education, silence does not educate “. This is the title of an article published on Tuesday 4 June Publication. A collective of different associations including the Family planning, Sidationor even theHigh School Union invite the Minister of National Education to establish sexual education courses in schools.

For “comprehensive sex education”

The forum also calls for a ban reactionary propaganda of those who speak out, often close to the far right, who spread false information, without reaction from the ministry. What the collective clarifies:

“We are alone in this fight for the well-being of young people. Despite our efforts to correct falsehoods and raise awareness, our impact would be more powerful with strong and visible support from you. We cannot be the only ones advocating for comprehensive sexuality education for all students. »

Collective of associations

They then state that education about emotional and sexual life is "fundamental" at school. And for good reason, in September 2022, Pap Ndiaye, then Minister of National Education, declared that sex education courses mandated by law since 2001 must be honored. A few months later, the planned strengthening had still not been implemented.

Prevention of sexual violence

To denounce these shortcomings and ensure that the measures are finally respected, Sidaction, SOS homophobia and Family Planning filed a complaint against the State in March 2023 so that the courses are systematic, which is not yet the case.

However, according to the collective of the association, sexual education at school is a “ essential pillar to prepare young people for a responsible, respectful and fulfilled adult life ", and it plays a role" crucial in the prevention and reporting of violence », we read in the stands.

“It contributes to establishing a caring climate, preventing sexual violence, promoting gender equality and public health. Young people are asking for answers to their legitimate and often anxious questions about their relationship with the body, with their own and with that of others. »

Collective of associations.

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