“My little man”: Tatyana Brukhunova told how her son and Evgeny Petrosyan grew up

The comedian’s wife caught the attention of fans yesterday with the news that she went on a short trip with her four-year-old son. Later, 35-year-old Tatyana Brukhunova told how and where she still spends time with the boy.

Evgeny Petrosyan and Tatyana Brukhunova. Photo: social networks

Yevgeny Petrosyan’s wife shared in her personal microblog a photo of a child carrying a large suitcase at the station. From the title to the photo it is clear that Tatyana and Vagan visited Orel. Brukhunova said she introduced the boy to his great-grandmother, who gave him binoculars.

“I am very tired. The day started at 03.30. We returned home at 22:00. But I really wanted to introduce Vagan to my great-grandmother. I am happy that everything turned out for the best,” Tatyana wrote.

Vahan Petrosyan. Photo: social networks

In addition, the TV presenter’s chosen one admitted that he is proud of his son because he has grown up to be a real man. “He is my little man. He always helps me with packages, bags, etc.,” said Tatyana Brukhunova.

Source: People Talk

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