Twin Peaks in a galaxy far, far away: 3 good reasons to watch The Acolyte

Twin Peaks in a galaxy far, far away: 3 good reasons to watch The Acolyte

This time there will be no shame in Disney’s new product.

On June 5, viewers got access to the first two episodes of “The Acolyte,” another ambitious series in the Star Wars universe. For once, critics rated the project about the Jedi and Sith far above average, but it would be impossible to call it a reference even if you wanted to.

The Acolyte is set exactly 100 years before the prequel trilogy. The main characters, a former Padawan (Amandla Stenberg) and his Jedi teacher (Lee Jung Jae), are searching for an assassin determined to rid the world of followers of the Light Side of the Force.

The series really heavily favored the detective genre, which benefited it, but did not take away the sins of its predecessors.

Observers note that Acolyte’s creators tried to adopt Andor’s best discoveries, but failed to develop them and became bogged down in self-repetition in some places. At the same time, the project’s strengths successfully distinguish it from the rest.

The fanservice was a 100% success this time, even haters of the new Star Wars trilogy will be able to enjoy the unexpected cameos and fun references.

Organizing fights – but we are looking at a detective story! – one of the main advantages of “Acolyte”, and this takes into account the fact that the emphasis here is on hand-to-hand combat rather than flashy lightsaber combat. One of the battles with the participation of Carrie-Anne Moss you will remember for a long time.

Finally, the plot also received special praise, which seems different from all the Star Wars series projects released in recent years.

“They mixed Twin Peaks and Attack of the Clones – I love this approach, looking forward to the second season!” – admired one of the reviewers.

Photo source: Still from the series “Acolyte”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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