This American elected official’s pro-Trump speech was ruined… by his 6-year-old son

On Monday 3 June, while speaking in the House of Representatives to defend Donald Trump following his conviction in the Stormy Daniels case, Republican John Rose saw his speech ruined by his six-year-old son, who was more inclined to shoot at the language than to listen . speak to it.

Parents know this well: it is not easy to work peacefully when your children are in the same room. They also know that bringing your kids to work isn’t necessarily the best idea when you want to maintain a semblance of stature and professionalism in front of your colleagues.

But sometimes they have no choice. This is probably what happened to John Rose. LOn Monday 3 June, this member of the House of Representatives appeared with his son Guy before the assembly to defend his presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The latter was in fact found guilty on Thursday 30 May of the 34 charges against him in the Stormy Daniels case by the New York criminal court.

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But while he undoubtedly counted on his serious and discussed speech to unite around Donald Trump, John Rose saw his speech totally discredited by his son. The latter, sitting behind his father, was making all the faces he was capable of making. And the result – shocking – was obviously broadcast live on the C-SPAN television channel, which covers political news across the Atlantic.

It didn’t take long for the sequence to be picked up by numerous media outlets and to go viral on social networks.

For his part, John Rose remained unmoved and apparently discovered his sons' antics once his speech was finished. He then commented on this disappointment on X.

“This is what I get when I ask my son Guy to smile for the camera for his little brother. »

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