Slava Kopeikin shared his feelings while filming an obscene scene with Agnia Ditkovskite

On June 5, online platforms “Kinopoisk” and Wink will release the series “On Automatics”, in which 25-year-old Slava Kopeikin plays the main role. His partner in the project was 36-year-old Agnia Ditkovskite. Their characters find themselves in a love triangle.

Slava Kopeikin. Photo: social networks

Slava played the role of Roma, who falls in love with the heroine Agnia, who is courted by an adult rich man. The actor admitted that he instantly found a common language with his colleague. But there were also moments when it was difficult for him to be near Ditkovskite.

Slava Kopeikin and Agniya Ditkovskite in the series “Automatically”. Photo: “Kinopoisk”

“Of course, I was a little embarrassed because we already had intimate scenes in the first shifts. But the contact happened so quickly, we felt like partners,” Kopeikin said in an interview with VOICE.

Slava Kopeikin in the series “Automatically”. Photo: “Kinopoisk”

Let us remind you that the artist previously declassified his relationship with Yana Yenzhaeva. The couple stopped hiding their emotions at social events. At the closed premiere of the series “Automatically” Slava did not hesitate to hug and kiss her lover.

Meanwhile, Kopeikin shared other statements with the audience. In April, the artist revealed ways to combat long-term depression.

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