The price of consultation with the family doctor will increase (further).

On Tuesday 4 June several unions signed a medical agreement to increase the price of medical visits. The first price increases will take effect next December.

Already last November the price of the basic consultation with your family doctor had already increased from 25 to 26.50 euros. Next December the price will increase again.

Consultations for 30 euros

This Tuesday 4 June several general practitioners’ unions will sign a definitive agreement for the 2024-2025 medical agreement: this provides that the price of medical visits the base from the GP amounts to 30 euros from December 1st.

A long consultation will also be created for patients over 80 years of age by the treating doctor, for a fee 60 euros. Implemented in 2026, it will only be applicable for a variety of reasons: to leave the hospital or even reduce the prescription of drugs.

This agreement provides Furthermore, from next December, the price of one-off consultations for consultations with specialists will increase to 60 eurosagainst 56.50 euros Currently. This, in particular among paediatricians, psychiatrists, gynecological doctors, endocrinologists or geriatricians.

Special advice also on 60 euros a visit to the dermatologist is scheduled, a specialty with record consultation times. A tariff that does not yet include free commissions. However, the distribution between the part reimbursed by compulsory health insurance (70%) and the part reimbursed by complementary health insurance (30%) It remains unchanged.

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