Chemistry lesson: How to choose nutritional supplements based on their composition?

Again, but not on the internet, they have found a way to criticize the modern generation. This time the discussion revolves around the skin condition of our grandparents. Let me explain. In the photo, the skin of the previous generation looks perfect, without wrinkles, acne and other “imperfections”. And yes, the quality of the photos and the skill of the photographer may be responsible for everything, but the answer lies elsewhere. At that time, people ate a balanced diet and received a sufficient amount of beneficial micro and macro elements from food. We do not have such an opportunity because the quality of the products has seriously decreased.

But we have tools that will help maintain the body normally and saturate it with useful components from the inside. Over the past few years, dietary supplements have moved from the category of “untested vitamins” to complementary components of a healthy diet, helping both maintain health and prevent the development of certain diseases. But despite its popularity and visible effects, many people still do not understand which elements cope with which problems and how to take supplements correctly. And so that you do not buy the entire pharmacy shelf, together with UNATUNA expert nutritionist Evgenia Kolodkina we will talk about the components that make up vitamins and what problems they will help solve. And after reading, immediately go to the brand’s website to choose the right set of supplements for yourself, which will become your faithful helpers.

Evgenia Aleksandrovna Kolodkina, nutritionist

Which vitamins and minerals are most commonly deficient in the human body?

Vitamin D Although nutrition and healthy living have become very popular lately, vitamin D deficiency is seen in everyone who is tested for the first time.

Iron. Anemia and iron deficiency are conditions that occur with lack of energy, weakness, dizziness, hair loss, brittle nails, and dry skin. Many women think this is normal. But eliminating iron deficiency in the female body alone significantly improves life and well-being.

Magnesium. In the modern rhythm of life, chronic stress is a situation experienced by almost every person. Magnesium is an important macronutrient that plays a role in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. This mineral is not produced by the body alone, it can only be obtained from foods. It accumulates in the body very slowly and for a long time and is consumed at an incredible speed. The more often a person experiences stress, the faster magnesium deficiency develops.

What should you pay attention to before you start taking supplements?

Lack of the required amount of vitamins in food. Most minerals are not synthesized in the body and can only be obtained externally (through nutrition), but modern foods cannot provide enough of the necessary nutrients.

Insufficiently diverse diet. The menu of a modern person consists mainly of carbohydrates, consuming a minimum amount of protein and fiber. This means that the supply of vitamins and minerals from food is minimal.

Impaired absorption of nutrients. This is due to improper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (reduced acidity of gastric juice, impaired bile flow, pancreatic function or inflammation of the small intestine mucosa).

What nutritional supplements can be used to normalize metabolism and regulate hormones in a short time?

The most suitable ingredient would be myo-inositol. It is considered one of the most effective supplements for regulating the hormonal systems of men and women. In men, inositol normalizes testosterone levels, and in women, it helps with PMS, hormonal cycle disorders, improves egg quality and restores ovulation. Inositol is also used to reduce excess weight caused by disruption of the hormone insulin (insulin resistance).

For example, what nutritional supplements should students take to improve brain activity?

First of all, magnesium is necessary. It improves concentration and memory, accelerates the process of memorizing large amounts of information, and is also effective in coping with the stress that all students experience in some way during the academic year and especially during exam preparation periods. You can also add lecithin to the course. It is part of the myelin sheaths of nerve cells, improves the functioning of the brain and nervous system, improves memory and increases concentration.

What supplements can I take to improve skin condition, strengthen hair and nails?

Zinc, biotin, vitamin D, Omega-3, collagen and iron (if deficient) are the main vitamins responsible for healthy skin and nails. UNATUNA has made a handy set “Beauty”, which collects the main nutritional supplements with the correct dosage and pure composition, so as not to search for all the ingredients separately.

Can dietary supplements relieve allergy and inflammation symptoms?

Allergies and inflammatory processes are symptoms and conditions that indicate “something is wrong” in the body. And if we talk about relieving symptoms, this is always a short-term effect, for example, antihistamines that relieve symptoms only for a few hours. To understand the true causes of allergic reactions or inflammation, you need to look at the human body as a whole, its symptoms, complete history and tests. If we talk about support with nutritional supplements, you need to act in two directions: detoxification (here you can use taurine, lecithin and medicinal herbs – milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion) and relieving inflammation (Omega-3, curcumin, zinc, vitamin C). ).

Are the effects of nutritional supplements the same in young and old bodies?

There is no need to mention that the effects of nutritional supplements vary according to age. It would be more accurate to say that the body’s need for some nutritional supplements will differ at different ages and under different conditions (presence of diseases, stress level, nutrition quality, genetic characteristics, etc.).

Are there natural alternatives to improve sleep and stabilize the nervous system?

Magnesium and 5-HTP (an amino acid from which the body synthesizes the sleep hormone melatonin) work well together to relax the nervous system.

Is there a “magic anti-aging pill” with natural composition?

Anti-aging always works in several directions: nutrition, physical activity, working with stress and eliminating deficiencies. However, if we talk about the best nutritional supplements to preserve youth and beauty, I recommend collagen, vitamin D, Omega-3, magnesium and vitamin C.

Which nutritional supplements should be taken with caution due to possible side effects?

All possible side effects (if any) and contraindications for use are always stated by the dietary supplement manufacturer and vary depending on the active ingredient. But there are situations when taking dietary supplements is incompatible with any medication. For example, the amino acid 5-HTP is incompatible with taking antidepressants.

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