“We want to see you in a white dress”: Valentina Ivanova’s fans are delighted with her new photos with Timati

Model Valentina Ivanova extremely rarely shares joint content with her lover Timati. But every time this happens, fans react emotionally.

Valentina Ivanova and Timati. Photo: social networks

This time it happened when Valentina shared a joint photo with the rapper on a banned social network. The girl signed a photo from the wedding ceremony to which she was invited: “An evening dominated by love, traditions and family values.”

Timati and Valentina Ivanova. Photo: social networks

Subscribers reacted especially strongly to joint photos at such an event. Commentators believe that everything is serious with the lovers, and very soon Valentina will take on the role of the bride at the wedding: “Valya, we want to see you in a white dress.”

Let us recall that rapper Timati met model Alena Shishkova in 2012 during the shooting of a video. The couple had a daughter named Alice in 2014, but the man never married her and they separated in 2015. Timati had been in a relationship with model Anastasia Reshetova since January 2014; They had a son in 2019, but they separated in 2020. The rapper first appeared in 2022 with his current girlfriend Valentina Ivanova.

Source: People Talk

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