Unrecognizable: Christian Bale was seen walking with his wife

The 50-year-old star of the movie “The Dark Knight” Christian Bale has repeatedly surprised his fans with transformations for the role. In life, it may be difficult to spot an actor on the street, but it is also difficult to hide it from his fans.

PEOPLE writes that this time Bale was seen walking with his wife Sibi Blazic. The actor was completely bald. He had to part with his enviable hair for his role as Frankenstein in the new movie.

“I have to shave my head bald next week. I asked if it was possible to postpone it, but everyone was surprised: “What’s wrong with Bale? I will start building a village for orphans and then return to the podium. I’ll break my bones, grow up, or do whatever it takes,” the actor joked in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to filming, the actor is also seriously involved in charity work. She spent 16 years designing a community center for orphans. She plans to build 12 homes in California for those without parents. The community center will cover an area of ​​approximately 650 square kilometers. He plans to finish it next year.

Source: People Talk

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