“I’m not afraid of rejection”: Kate Hudson to release her first music album

Kate Hudson Photo: Getty Images

Actress Kate Hudson is literally rushing onto the music scene. She is getting ready to release her first solo album. This surprised his fans, despite the fact that the star has participated more than once in recording soundtracks for films in which he starred.

In May, Hudson, 45, performed a solo concert in support of the record and dreams of touring once he finishes his next film project. According to Kate, she had been thinking about becoming a singer for a long time. He did not have the courage to face criticism directly.

“If I had done this in my early twenties, I think it would have been very difficult for me to ignore what people said. I no longer have the fear of rejection,” the “Bride Wars” star said in an interview with Variety.

Kate Hudson recently opened up about how she re-learned how to communicate with men. She didn’t go on dates for a year to achieve this. The result did not take long to arrive.

Source: People Talk

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