Vin Diesel surprised the child with leukemia

Vin Diesel. Photo: Getty Images

Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel couldn’t ignore the touching story of a four-year-old boy battling a terrible disease. He fulfilled a child’s long-time dream.

The truth is that the kid really loves watching “Fast and the Furious” and thinks he looks like Vin Diesel because he has no hair. Last Halloween, parents wanted to please the child and dressed him in the costume of his favorite hero.

Colton Purgslav. Photo: social networks

“When your four-year-old watches the Fast and Furious movies over and over again and thinks he looks just like Dominic, you owe it to him to dress him up as his favorite movie character!” – wrote in the title of the post.

The power of the Internet did its job, and the 56-year-old actor found out about his young fan. Diesel came to FuelFest and met the kid. “Colton was giddy and couldn’t believe he had met his true hero,” Colton’s mother, Jordan Pursglove, told PEOPLE.

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Source: People Talk

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