Here are 3 non-alcoholic brands to sip as an aperitif without moderation

If you find that spring and summer rhyme with an aperitif on the terrace, perhaps consider opting for non-alcoholic drinks. Are you a fan of white wine, kir, mojito, spritz, champagne or pool rosé? Here are the NoLow alternatives that satisfy even the most demanding palates, sometimes discouraged by non-alcoholic cocktails that are often too sweet.

For a summer without moderation, it is better to focus on non-alcoholic drinks. And for this reason, de-alcoholized wines and other drinks very similar to them can represent a turning point as an aperitif, without necessarily causing blood sugar levels to explode. The test in three.

Festilant, for ready-to-drink cocktails

Recommended retail price for the 75cl mocktail bottle: €3.45, in supermarkets.

Founded in 2006, the non-alcoholic aperitif brand Festillant is already well known for its de-alcoholised wines: 6 million bottles sold in 2023, or almost a cup drunk every 2.5 seconds in France. It also offers ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktails. As fruity as can be, the Festillant Blanc-Cassis will please Kir Royal fans. The Festillant Spritz will rather convince diehards of sweet and sour citrus flavors. As for the Festillant Mojito, it will help you stay calm thanks to its mint flavor. In short, these are three mocktails that you just need to pour into a glass with ice cubes to amaze an entire table.

La Vie en Zéro for non-alcoholic pool rosés

The de-alcoholized rosé wine of the La vie en zero brand
Recommended retail price for the 75 cl bottle: €4.99, in supermarkets.

If you are one of those people who goes to the terrace to order pool rosé at the first ray of sunshine, then this new brand has arrived on the market NoLow (with little or no alcohol). Designed in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards and thanks to the experience and know-how of the teams, La Vie en Zéro is a pure local product, healthy and festive. The internal dealcoholization process is based on distillation with vacuum evaporation. Heated at a low temperature, the alcohol present in the wine evaporates, leaving only the “juice”, preserving the aromas. The result is delicious alcohol-free wines, to be enjoyed with or without ice cubes. The white has aromas of passion fruit and boxwood, while the rosé is reminiscent of blackcurrants and wild strawberries.

Tempera for food and non-alcoholic drink pairings worthy of a chef

Recommended retail price for the 75 cl bottle of Pétillant sec: €28 on the Tempera eshop.

At the end of 2023, three-star chef Mauro Colagreco launched the soft drinks house Tempera with Arielle Bove. He offers beautiful bottles that look like wine but are not really wine as they are rather blends of flowers, fruits, plants and spices worthy of the grandest of tables. Just enough to seduce the most refined palates, for newly conceived food-wine pairings because without alcohol, nor reason, nor the de-alcoholization process. Obviously this comes at a price, as it costs €15 for the cheapest bottle (an airy Rosé) and up to €28 for the most expensive one (a dry or sweet sparkling wine).


Concretely, why does the non-alcoholic market seem to only target women? 🤔🥂 madmoizelle sansaiuto edutok fyp pourtoi concretely

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