ROBOCOP’s ED-209 gets his own plush

Now you can cuddle up with the ED-209 killer robot from RoboCop thanks to a plush toy from Toynk Toys.

Here are the details that were shared:

A MECH WITH THE SOFT SIDE: Ready to protect and serve, ED-209 has been activated with this exclusive plush inspired by the sci-fi cult classic RoboCop. Defend the future with this cutting-edge robot on your team.

YOU HAVE 20 SECONDS TO COMPLY: This ED-209 plush is programmed for urban pacification. With armored cannon arms raised to blast away criminals, the automated sentry stands strong on two splayed feet, dutifully awaiting your command.

PROGRAMMED FOR CUDDLES: Even though his guns may look lethal, this ED-209 plush won’t hurt you with his super-soft softness. You’ll enjoy snuggling up with this powerful mech, featuring a premium plush design made from high-quality materials.

BEST OMNI CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Ready to guard your collection, this robot plush measures approximately 12 inches tall, from domed head to clawed feet. For best care we recommend cleaning the surface.

ROBOCOP OFFICIAL COLLECTION: Don’t let a few programming design flaws stop you from embracing the future. Give your sweetest moments a system upgrade with this officially licensed RoboCop-inspired ED-209 plush.

If you want one you can purchase it here for $39.99.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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