“Happy Parents”: Karina Istomina published photos with Fedor Smolov

At the end of November last year, football player Fedor Smolov and Karina Istomina became parents for the first time. The couple does not often share photos together, but rarely, but appropriately, as they say.

Karina Istomina and Fedor Smolov. Photo: social networks

The couple is now holidaying together in France. Karina published a series of photos from the trip on her Telegram channel. In the first, the couple poses while standing on a balcony in front of glowing buildings in the background, while in the second, the stars sit in a restaurant and gently embrace each other. Fans decided to express their happiness with comments such as “Happy parents”, “Insanely beautiful”, “Love suits you”.

Let us also remind you that rumors about the love of the stars appeared in the spring of 2023. They could often be seen together (the blogger even attended the football player’s birthday). They also discussed on the Internet a video in which Fedor looks at Karina (very tenderly) during her performance in one of the Dynamo matches in which the football player played. It became known at the end of September that the couple was preparing to become parents.

Source: People Talk

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