To change Vinted, here are 3 reliable and trendy second-hand platforms

Of course, if everyone goes to Vinted, it becomes harder to find gems there because they sell out too quickly. But on other second-hand platforms you can find treasures from famous brands such as Sézane, ba&sh, Maje or Sandro. Here are three that are little known in France, but are worth the detour.

Can’t find anything on Vinted anymore? Normal, the second-hand site has become so popular that it is becoming difficult to find real gems. While more and more brands are now offering their own second-hand platform, there are also other multi-brand second-hand sites that are worth it.

Depop to buy and resell young and cutting-edge fashion between private individuals

In 2021, the craft marketplace Etsy bought for $1.63 billion the British site Depop, founded in 2005, whose 90% of users are under 26 years old. Obviously, with such a young clientele, we mostly find items that appeal to this age group, and it’s good to know that. This is the platform to search for Y2K pieces from pretty international brands.

Omaj, the online consignment shop that avoids fast fashion

Launched in June 2021, the French start-up Omaj helps these users sell for them (photos, uploads, shipping) the clothes they no longer want. But not just any item, because it excludes pieces under 15 euros (which would be a guarantee of poor quality) and a long black list of brands considered fast fashion. We appreciate the fact that we find rather clean brands there, pieces that are at least in good condition since the platform guarantees, stores and sends them, and that we can shop there smoothly and harmoniously, since all the images are homogeneous.

Paradigm for fans of high-end French brands

Founded in 2021, Paradigme offers people a new experience for second-hand shopping. This requires the highest quality shopping experience possible, thanks to the standardization of images, a clear indication of the shop price compared to the second-hand price and the possibility of a refund. We also have a guarantee that the dresses conform to the description as they all pass through the platform. And there is little chance of missing out as it deliberately focuses on high-end/premium/affordable French luxury brands like Sézane, ba&sh, Maje or Sandro.

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