Hannah spoke about her ex-girlfriend, whom she suffered so much for

Little is known about Hannah’s personal life before her relationship with Pasha. But sometimes the singer still remembers her exes, or rather, her subscribers remind her of them.

Hannah. Photo: social networks

One of the artist’s fans asked what he would say to his ex-girlfriend. “There’s nothing for him. A loving man won’t let you cry! Therefore, draw conclusions and move on,” she wrote on Stories.

He also talked about the future of his eldest daughter, Adriana. Hannah admitted that she did not think about whether the baby would connect his life with show business. “The choice is always theirs. I think that’s the best thing parents can give,” she said.

Let’s remember that Pasha and Hannah met in Turkey in 2010 at the Miss Kemer International beauty contest, where future celebrities won first place. And already in 2015 the couple legalized their relationship. In the spring of 2023, their daughter Camilla was born.

Source: People Talk

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