Victoria Bonya justified herself by looking for a rich lover

The other day Victoria Bonya admitted in her personal blog that she would like to meet an adult rich man. The presenter stated that he started going on dates, but young fans were fighting for his heart.

Victoria Bonya. Photo: social networks

Some subscribers wished that the socialite would meet a worthy partner, while others, on the contrary, began to boast. Followers asked if Victoria was embarrassed to openly say she was looking for a billionaire.

“I make very good money. When a man gets less, when a man is too free and has nothing left to do, he meets a woman in public and begins to experience complexes, begins to control her and shows his insecurity,” Bonya explained on the social network.

Victoria Bonya. Photo: social networks

The model added that a successful woman should have a man next to her who is “three heads tall and will not act like a man.” According to Victoria, when she set herself the goal of finding a rich man her own age or older, men of high status began to look at her.

Source: People Talk

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