Netflix: Mike Flanagan’s 3 best horror miniseries to thrill this weekend

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Initially we wanted to make a selection of the most disturbing horror series on Netflix. We quickly realized that the ranking was shared between a single creator: Mike Flanagan. Enough to make us want to return to what makes his series so nightmarish, fascinating and moving. Here you are the top 3 of the best (or some worse ?) series from the master of horror on Netflix.

3. Midnight Mass: the most metaphysical (7 episodes)

What is it about?

Midnight snack is set on the isolated Crockett Island, where the arrival of a charismatic young priest, Father Paul, coincides with a series of terrifying events. As the island’s inhabitants begin to experience these supernatural phenomena, dark secrets and metaphysical truths begin to emerge, shaking the community.

Because we watch

Midnight snack it’s not just a horror series; is a profound exploration of faith, redemption and human nature. Flanagan uses horror as a way to examine personal beliefs and moral dilemmas. The dialogues are rich and introspective, offering a reflection on religion and spirituality still too rarely seen in the genre. It is this metaphysical and philosophical depth that gives it its place Midnight snack in this ranking, without forgetting that the series remains a factory of intestible nightmares.

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2. The infestation of Bly Manor: the most poetic (9 episodes)

What is it about?

The Haunting of Bly Manor tells the story of Dani Clayton, a young American governess hired to care for two orphaned children in an English manor. Dani soon discovers that Bly Manor hides many secrets and that appearances are deceiving. The ghosts of Bly Manor are not just scary entities, but manifestations of regrets, lost loves and past tragedies.

Because we watch

Bly Manor stands out for his poetic approach to horror. Flanagan weaves a story in which the characters’ emotions and memories take precedence over the genre’s more common fears, such as blood and gore. jumpscare. The series explores the themes of love, sacrifice and loss with rare sensitivity. Each character is carefully developed, allowing viewers to feel their joys and sorrows in a physical way, whether through eyes that hide behind hands, hairs that stand on end or tears that flow…

1. The Haunting of Hill House: Flanagan’s masterpiece (10 episodes)

What is it about?

The Haunting of Hill House follows the Crain family, who lived in a house now known to be the most haunted in the United States. Years later, the Crain children, now adults, are still haunted by the ghosts of their past, both literally and metaphorically. The series alternates between events from their childhood and their current lives, gradually revealing the dark secrets of Hill House.

Why watch it?

The Haunting of Hill House it is the pinnacle of Flanagan’s art, blending horror intense with an exploration of family dynamics and emotional trauma. The series excels at creating an oppressive atmosphere while providing moments of deep reflection and tenderness. It is this ability to balance horror and humanity that makes “The Haunting of Hill House” Flanagan’s undeniable masterpiece.

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