The 3 worst parenting advice received at birth, according to our readers

We asked you, on our social media, what was the worst advice you received when your child(ren) was born. Here are your answers.

Parenting is not a long, smooth river, and when you add unsolicited advice to the mix, it can all boil over. On our networks we asked you what was the worst advice you received from your family, your friends, your work colleagues, when your children were born. We have selected the three that appear most often.

“Let him cry, it will make his lungs”

The #1 tip that comes up the most is “let the babies cry.” Well, no offense to Uncle Roger, no, you don’t let a baby cry. We have already explained everything in detail in an article on the reasons why babies cry, how to distinguish them, what to do in case of exhaustion… Send it to your uncle, he might learn two or three things.

“Don’t hold him too long otherwise he’ll get used to it”

Ah that, the little unsolicited advice as soon as you see a parent with their child in their arms, is on the podium of the most rotten advice. “The baby will get used to the arms”, so what? Is it serious to carry the baby in your arms? To reassure him with his warmth? To cuddle him? To show him that he is safe? It’s not like he’ll be stuck until he’s 50, there’s a point where he’ll mind his own business, like all human beings. But in the meantime, it’s okay to hold your baby, I promise.

“You shouldn’t breastfeed him for too long”

Breastfeeding too long, not enough, switching to the bottle, staying exclusively on the breast, not giving him a pacifier, leaving him with one… As soon as it comes to breastfeeding, everyone seems to have an opinion. But you know, opinions are like assholes: everyone has one (and that doesn’t mean we have to show it to ourselves and impose it on others).

Go on, breathe with your belly, drink some herbal tea and keep your opinions safe unless they ask you.

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