This southern city no longer wishes to host the filming of this sulphurous reality show

Unlike the first season, filming of the second season currently in production of “Frenchie Shore” will not be hosted in the city of Agde, Hérault.

It was the reality show that shocked many viewers. The first season of the series aired last November on MTV and Paramount+ Frenchie Shore had caused a wave of protest due to its sexually explicit nature. Rima Abdul Malakthen Minister of Culture, had contacted Arcom, believing that the program was “bordering on pornography” .

This program that follows the daily lives of about ten extroverted young people will return for a season 2 currently in production. But not in the same place. The Ah! The production filmed the candidates’ excesses in a villa located south of Cap d’Agde, in Hérault. But the homeowners do not wish to welcome them for this second season. With our colleagues at Television magazineofficials of the real estate agency that manages the property say:

“The owner didn’t expect this type of shoot when he signed on and he was really surprised when he saw the show »

Laetitia Denux and Erwann Deverdun, managers of the Mademoiselle Conciergerie agency.

They then refused to rent it again for the second season. Furthermore, the managers of the real estate agency want to change the reputation of the villa, now renting it to families on holiday.

They're not the only ones who want to break free from their bond Frenchie Shore. The first deputy mayor of the city of Agde, Sebastian Freysent a letter to this effect to Arcom a “prevent the filming and broadcast of Frenchie Shore » in order to preserve the image and notoriety of its city, according to our colleagues at Free midday.

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