“Women get divorced and become better people”: fans appreciated Nyusha’s daring image

In early May, Nyusha and Igor Sivov confirmed information about their separation. And recently information appeared that the singer filed for divorce. The singer admitted that she maintains friendly relations with the businessman in order to raise their common child.

Nyusha. Photo: social networks

The Internet noticed that the artist easily recovered from the separation with her husband. Fans of the singer came to this conclusion based on posts on his personal blog. Today Nyusha shared a new photo in which she poses boldly.

Nyusha. Photo: social networks

Subscribers noticed that the artist looks great. “I am enjoying the current Nyusha and I had fun before. Cool woman”, “Sometimes a person needs to get divorced in order to be himself, why is the world like this? “Most women are getting divorced now and becoming better, more beautiful, more successful, smarter,” wrote the artist’s fans.

Let us recall that Nyusha married Igor Sivov in August 2017. The singer gave birth to two children of the businessman: daughter Simba and son Saffron.

Source: People Talk

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