I watched “The Barboskins at the Dacha” and found 5 glaring mistakes – children do not pay attention in vain

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Even in B-movies it’s not that sad.

The first full-length cartoon in the Barboskin universe received an incredible 8.5 points on Kinopoisk. Children eagerly watch the cartoon, because it lasts only 77 minutes, but even in such a short running time the creators managed to make dozens, if not hundreds, of the most offensive mistakes.

After watching, you get the impression that since “The Barboskins at the Dacha” is for children, they filmed it carelessly, because young viewers will not pay attention to the glaring mistakes of the artists?

In the first five minutes of the film you can count a few dozen mistakes in editing, lighting and scenery. For example, when Lisa is dancing and her friend comes in, the girl’s headphones constantly change locations and the music in them is interrupted, even though no one has pressed pause.

There are many questions about the scene where the puppies appear at the dacha. Gena is the very first to enter the house, his parents are not visible nearby – did he really break the lock or is the door unlocked?

Timokha’s beatbox looks unlikely, because the sounds do not fall into the movements of the lips at all, and when Tolstoy jumps on the roof of the house, he does not vibrate. It seems that everything makes sense? But when Skinny falls after him, the tiles begin to shake and the dacha seems to be falling apart brick by brick.

The culinary habits of the Barboskin family also raise questions. Where have you seen baked potatoes taken straight from the fire and eaten without their skins? Does Lisa really like choking on ash and coal?

Photo source: Still from the cartoon “The Barboskins at the Dacha”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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