The pigeon that was kicked out of the pub became an internet star

Passenger pigeon. Photo: Getty Images

A woman named Hannah Hall decided to take care of pigeons and set up an entire charity to support her relatives. The bird itself has become a social media star.

Two years ago, the activist was relaxing with friends in the garden of a local pub. At that moment, a pigeon jumped into his lap. The waiter said the bird was begging inside the bar and he chased him. Hannah decided to keep the dove for herself. He named the bird Penny and created an account for her on the social network. The girl’s inspiration did not end there. She wrote a children’s book about the pet and appeared in a television show with it.

Unfortunately, after a while the bird died. The woman spent a fortune on treatment, but it did not help. Devastated, Hannah found solace in helping other birds and founded an organization that cares for birds. “We don’t expect everyone to suddenly love pigeons. We just want them to be more compassionate towards the birds and not treat them cruelly,” Hall told BBC News.

Hall says there’s a lot to love about pigeons. They can learn the alphabet, solve examples, and notice their reflection in the mirror.

Source: People Talk

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