“We are traveling through the forest under police escort”: Ilya Sobolev surprised his fans with a strange message

Comedian Ilya Sobolev is active on social networks. True, most of its content consists of working moments. The artist rarely talks about his private life. This time, he attracted the attention of his subscribers with a strange message.

Ilya Sobolev. Photo: social networks

It looks like Ilya is vacationing in a hot country. He posted a photo on Stories of a car overlooking the night street. “We are traveling with police escort through the jungle. “Wake me up and tell me I’m sleeping at the bus stop in Krasnoyarsk,” Sobolev signed the photo. He did not disclose details. The star also took photos with palm trees in the background.

Photo: Ilya Sobolev’s social networks

Previously, the comedian’s wife Natalya caused a public scandal to her husband out of jealousy. True, he later apologized for what happened.

Let’s remember that Ilya Sobolev and Natalya got married in 2011. They have three children: Eva, Sofia and Ivan.

Source: People Talk

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