What if I had manga eyelashes?

To have beautiful eyes, it all starts with the eyelashes. This season, the trend is Manga lashes. We will explain it to you.

Anime has dotted the entertainment scene for many years. So sometimes manga character trends emerge and go viral. Recently, Google searches for “anime eyelash extensions” saw a 5,000% increase in the last month. On TikTok (a place where all trends are made and broken), hundreds of videos featuring this trend have recently been posted. But what does it consist of and how to adopt it?

https://www.tiktok.com/@hiitssuzie/video/7185466461719203078?q=manga lashes&t=1716996377194

What are manga eyelashes?

We prefer to warn you right away, manga lashes will not appeal to those who want to achieve a natural look. Overall, this is a pretty controversial trend that can be loved or hated. The latter involves creating a spiky, maximalist look by applying false lashes concentrated in clusters along the lower and upper lashes. The target ? Open your eyes as wide as possible and give a “doll” effect that is often found on female anime characters. Long and voluminous, they offer a dramatic and fluffy result that appeals to the most flirtatious among us.

https://www.tiktok.com/@isabellrrose/video/7190364619398073642?q=manga lashes&t=1716996377194

To get manga eyelashes, it is best to contact professionals

To obtain this manga eyelash effect it is best to contact an ophthalmologist because the exercise can be dangerous when you are not used to handling false eyelashes. Particularly long and curved, manga lashes are grouped in clusters which can weigh down the look and even fall out after a few minutes if applied incorrectly. A professional will know how to place them close enough to the lash line to achieve the most natural effect possible.

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