This surprising reason could explain why you’re always tired

According to American nutritionist Molly Knudsen, a lack of protein in the body can seriously damage our energy. She says there are five reasons and provides a simple remedy.

Do you feel tired, exhausted? It might not just be sleep problems, but maybe you proteins are also missing. And for good reason, not eating enough protein – that is, as little as 100 grams per day – can lead to weight loss significant energy loss.

This is because the amino acids provided by protein-rich foods are used for many purposes in the body, and underconsuming them can have devastating effects on a daily basis.

According to the American nutritionist Molly KnudsenThere are five main reasons why low protein intake in the body harms energy.

Lack of protein can cause hormonal imbalance

First the decrease in metabolic rate, especially when you do physical activity and burn calories. If you don’t consume enough protein after exercise, your metabolic rate can slow down and make you feel tired very quickly. It can also lead to other long-term health complications. As a further reason, he states that the reduced hemoglobin production – also provides the protein present in each red blood cell in the body feeling of intense tiredness, mainly due to the low intake of protein and iron.

THE hormonal imbalance – both growth hormones, thyroid hormones (closely linked to metabolism), insulin (which regulates blood sugar), as well as leptin and ghrelin – are also causes of severe fatigue due to protein deficiency. And finally, the blood sugar spikei.e. drastic fluctuations in blood sugar levels, can also cause intense fatigue and irritable mood, but this can be stabilized by protein.

To remedy this, the solution is simple: recommend increase protein consumption through foodsuch as dairy products, eggs, legumes, lentils or even meat, poultry, seafood.

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