How to properly remove sunscreen

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Sunscreen is the main companion of our article. That’s why we’ve collected for you here light products for every day and answered the most popular questions about SPF cream here. But there is one more unresolved.

Sunscreens may or may not be long-lasting. The first are usually denser in texture and often not afraid of water. The latter is quite weightless and suitable for use in the city. Therefore, permanent products are not always amenable to regular cleansing with micellar water or gel. Outwardly, the product may seem to cope with the SPF cream, but after a week closed comedones or other inflammations will appear on the skin. These symptoms may be the result of improper cleaning. The truth is that long-lasting sunscreen needs to be washed off two stages:

First – using an oil-based product. This hydrophilic oil can be lemon balm, sherbet or any product containing oil in its formula.

Second – using a water-based product. Use gel, foam or milk to remove remaining oil and cleanse the skin more thoroughly.

Whether you use sunscreen in your routine or not, two-step cleansing can always be used. An oil-based product thoroughly removes heavy makeup, while a foam or gel is more effective in this case.

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