“Catch Me If You Can”: Premiere of new music show with Vladimir Marconi

You’ve never seen anything like this before. “Catch Me If You Can” is a new musical program on the Rossiya TV channel with presenter Vladimir Marconi, in which people can fool the stars and win one million rubles.

Vladimir Marconi. Photo: press service

Thus, two teams participate in the program – “Stars” and “Participants”. Vanya Dmitrienko, Ani Lorak, Alexander ST, Valeria, Khabib and other celebrities will take part in the program, and TV viewers will act as “participants”. Among them there will be both talented singers and those who do not have vocal talent – they will sing to a soundtrack in someone else’s voice.

What is salt? The stars will have to “catch” and guess exactly the participant who sang the worst song, or rather, will not be able to do it at all. And the task of the participants is to deceive the stars and show that each of them has a wonderful voice and unique vocal skills.

Photo: press service

In each episode of the show, 18 participants from different cities of Russia will compete for one million. They are given only three rounds to win the big money jackpot. 4 stars will play against them.

“Of course, I will be with the participants. But sometimes I will also play with the stars. Nobody should have it easy in our show; this is the main concept and I will do everything so that no one can easily earn a million,” said Vladimir Marconi.

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