Trailer for the children’s film ROBIN AND THE HOODS – A modern take on Robin Hood and childhood imagination

A new trailer has been released by Sky Original Films for the children’s adventure film Robin and the Hoods. The film follows a modern girl named Robin, the leader of a group of neighborhood kids who call themselves “the thugs.”

They play in the forest near their residential neighborhood and use their imaginations to take them on adventures. When faced with developers who want to turn their beloved forest into further development, they must figure out how to best defend themselves.

The film is the protagonist Darcey Ewart like Robin, with Naomie Harris, Gwendoline Christie, Marco Williams, Bruno Edgington-Gibson, Gloria Ishikawa, Dexter Sol Ansell, Eddie Burch, Tom Goodman-HillAND Christina Bottomley. Phil Hawkins (The last performance, Four Warriors, Prancer: A Christmas Tale) directs from a screenplay written by Stuart Benson and Paul Davidson​.

The full synopsis reads:

For tenacious 11-year-old Robin (Darcey Ewart) and her loyal group of friends “The Hoods”, the patch of overgrown scrub at the end of their cul-de-sac is a magical kingdom. Sticks and bin lids have become swords and shields, drones have become majestic eagles and the hippie lady of the forest (Christie) is a terrifying witch. The only thing that limits their colorful imaginations is the prospect of losing their kingdom forever. When the elusive real estate developer Clipboard (Harris) shows up and dazzles area parents with the promise of day care centers and spas, the world of Robin and The Hoods faces an existential threat. Despite all their best efforts, their protests fall on deaf ears. When their parents can’t see the forest because of the trees, Robin and her friends take matters into their own hands to defend their kingdom.

We have seen this formula many times in children’s films, especially in The Goonies. But it succeeds because it’s fun, and kids like a story where they’re the underdogs who get to fight and come out on top. It looks cute and looks like a movie my kids would love.

Check out the trailer below and watch Robin and the Hoods on Sky Cinema later this summer.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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