According to the commission of inquiry, the nursery school system “is losing energy”.

In its report adopted on Monday 27 May, the National Assembly’s Commission of Inquiry into nurseries denounces a system that is “losing strength”, fueled by “a vicious cycle of failure”.

This is a clear observation. While the almost simultaneous publication of two surveys on the private nursery sector, The price of the cot AND Baby zness, had led, last November, to the creation of a commission responsible for investigating the economic model of nurseries and the quality of childcare in France, now the latter has just released its conclusions. And they are not at all optimistic.

In her report, adopted by deputies on Monday 27 May, the project’s rapporteur, Sarah Tanzilli (Renaissance), criticizes an early childhood system that is “losing strength”. The report specifically denounces a “Kafkaesque complexity, chronic underfunding, user and staff dissatisfaction, multiplication of exemptions…”

“It is the economic model and the operating rules of nursery schools that have contributed to establishing a vicious circle of failure”notes Sarah Tanzilli.

Welcoming more and more children at the expense of their well-being

According to the investigation report, the problem is above all that public authorities have focused more on the number of places in nursery schools than on the quality of child care.

However, the rapporteur underlines, “Welcome as many children as possible” it not only degrades reception conditions, but also the working conditions of professionals in the sector. However, degraded working conditions push them to abandon the profession, which necessarily affects the number of cots available in the facilities. According to MP Renaissance there are currently 10,000 places in nursery schools “jellies” lack of sufficient staff. And this, both in the private and public sectors or even in the associative sector.

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Fewer children per supervising adult

To end these systemic failures, the report identifies 73 areas for improvement. Among the latter, priority must be given to better reception conditions for minors, to put an end to the problem of maltreatment.

The report therefore recommends increasing the supervision ratio in nursery schools: currently the aim is to move from one adult for every six children to one adult for every five children by 2027 and to one for every four children in 2030.

Another recommendation: better monitor the early childhood sector by eliminating online training and establishing a professional card, mandatory for working in a collective structure. Finally, to respond to the problem of 200,000 missing nativity scenes, the report recommends putting an end to companies reserving seats for their employees. their employees.

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