Hailey Bieber is the most stylish pregnant celebrity. And we definitely want to repeat his paintings

In early May, Hailey and Justin Bieber announced that they were expecting their first child. Fortunately, rumors about marital problems turned out to be just rumors, and the couple is now preparing with anxiety and excitement for the arrival of their first child. Since Hayley no longer hid her pregnancy, the girl began to appear more and more often in public and in the chronicles of the paparazzi. Now it has become even more interesting to follow the star’s appearance: Hayley demonstrates stylish “maternity” looks that not only pregnant women can repeat. Unlike Rihanna, for example, Bieber chooses simpler clothes that stylishly emphasize his new status. We’ve rounded up Hailey Bieber’s latest looks that will prove pregnancy is no reason to put off all your fashion ideas “until later.”

Source: People Talk

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