We’ve found the e-book app you’ll never want to do without

To easily integrate reading into your daily life, the Galatea application offers more than 500 e-books accessible from your smartphone or tablet. Follow your guide through this universe of unlimited reading.

In the family of e-book publishers, I ask for the innovative challenger! Good luck with the Galatea platform, present on the French market since 2021. It offers books by emerging authors, to give them a chance in the publishing world, which is usually very closed. We share our advice with you to browse through its 500 titles that you won’t find anywhere else and that perhaps will take you out of your usual comfort zone of reading.

An eclectic choice to find on Galatea

“Choose the theme of your first book: Slow Burn, Smut or Grumpy Sunshine? » Here’s how the Galatea e-books app can help you. Are these terms unfamiliar to you? So, to avoid going through the search engine box, here are some explanations.

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“Slow burn” is the sedative version of love at first sight. The love story develops slowly, the characters take their time… kind of like when you end up going out with your best friend, without really planning on it.

Behind the term “Smut” are stories whose main objective is to make you feel attractive, rather than drag you into a complex plot. Mnemonic: Think “sexual material.”

“Grumpy sunshine” is not the name of a new member of the seven dwarfs, but the meeting between two characters with opposing characters: on the one hand a pessimistic and grumpy individual, on the other an optimistic and sunny personality.

Beyond these original categories, many others are more explicit: paranormal novels, erotic stories, magical worlds, strong and independent women… In short, just enough to find happiness!

Galatea offers different forms of reading depending on your desires

If Galatea is accessible via its site, We highly recommend using the app, which offers more features. Once you create your account, you’ll find the three available experiences at the top of the home page.

  • E-books

The base, ideal on the subway or when traveling so you don’t have to carry a notepad with you (although we agree, paper has its charm!). A particularly interesting aspect for the super saga Good company of the fairies by FR Black, in several volumes. One of the sentences in the novel sums it up perfectly: “The Fairy Godmother Enterprise is a bit like The Hunger Games, but for die-hard romantics.”

  • Audiobooks, with adjustable reading speed if you don’t have time.

Among them is the bestseller Mason by Zainab Sambo, a contemporary romance with the tendency to make a deal with the devil. Except the devil is a rather dangerous (and very sexy, of course) British businessman. A format to favor during your daily travel by car, or while carrying out a manual activity at home for example.

  • Immersive books, Galatea’s signature

The soundtrack is designed to put you in the mood of the story and evolves with each paragraph. In My cowboy by Tinkerbell Leonhardt, we find ourselves on a ranch with the sounds of crickets, the clicking of horses’ hooves, the banjo… So much so that you have the impression of having this cowboy (always very sexy) in front of you. To be enjoyed comfortably in a comfortable armchair, or to isolate yourself from a distracting environment, on the subway for example.

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Go to the free app to discover the collection and read some chapters. If you take the subscription step, the code madmoizelle15 gives you 15% off your annual plan until June 9th. Unlimited reading is yours!

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