Alexa admits she had a frozen pregnancy

Alexa said there was pain in their family. The singer admitted that she had “another frozen pregnancy.”

Alexa. Photo: social networks

“I write this post with a smile and gratitude,” the blogger began. Timati’s ex-lover stated that he prefers not to talk about secrets, as he considers social networks a source of inspiration. However, she wanted to show the other side of her life.

“It’s happening, and I certainly don’t need words of understanding. “Girls, know that you are not alone in such situations,” she reminded the women. The singer, who has recently resumed her music career, said, “We are living people to whom both good and bad things happen.”

Let us recall that in the spring, Alexa married fitness instructor Vyacheslav Daichev, with whom she raised her daughter Adriana. Vyacheslav also has a son from his ex-girlfriend.

Alexa and Vyacheslav Daichev with their daughters. Photo: social networks

Source: People Talk

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