“We will have to give up our place of residence”: Victoria Bonya responds to rumors of a ban on entering Monaco

Last week, Victoria Bonya said she had resolved her visa issues. The model could not go to Monaco, where she lived for 12 years, because her residence permit expired. The presenter spent a long time re-recording the documents, which, he claimed, caused a lot of controversy and even bragging on the Internet.

Victoria Bonya. Photo: social networks

According to the presenter, haters wrote that he was expelled from Monaco. Bonya denied these rumors. “I would like to remind you that my daughter is a citizen of Monaco and they cannot “expel” me. But the only thing that is true is the fact that I live in France. I will have to give up this place of residence and move back to Monaco, so I could not renew my residence permit in time. Everything else is just speculation,” Victoria explained.

Victoria Bonya with her daughter. Photo: social networks

The socialite added that she also has an apartment in Monaco, but she can also live in France according to the laws of this state. Bonya announced that he will move to Monaco in the summer. “Maybe it’s for the best because I was robbed three times while living in France,” the model concluded.

Let us also remind you that the presenter previously said that he was preparing for the Cannes Film Festival trip. He will attend the event next week. Before leaving Russia, Bonya decided to make bold changes to her appearance.

Source: People Talk

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