Vanga called the signs of the zodiac, kissed by God: they are endowed with a unique gift

Vanga called the signs of the zodiac, kissed by God: they are endowed with a unique gift

The universe has assigned them a responsible mission.

The zodiac circle consists of twelve signs, each of which is endowed not only with unique qualities, but also with incredible gifts. To discover a special talent within yourself and find the right application for it, you often need help from an expert person who can point you in the right direction.

Such a person was Vanga, who listed the signs of the zodiac that were kissed by God:

These signs include Gemini. These people are social, curious and thirsty for new knowledge. They easily make friends and influence the public, but confusion of thoughts can keep them from realizing their spiritual potential. Gemini’s unique gift is to be a medium. Representatives of this sign find it easier to communicate with spirits than with living people; their powerful intuition ensures more success than logical thinking.

Virgos are distinguished from others by their enormous potential and strong spiritual side, but they can be held back by insecurity and an ambiguous attitude to everything sublime. Their unique gift is astrology. No matter how insignificant the details are revealed to Virgos, they will still be able to connect them into one whole to help those in need.

Scorpios are called natural mystics. Representatives of this sign have enormous potential in understanding the occult and spiritual practices. They like to delve into such topics and that is why their unique gift is called telepathy. Scorpios know how to see through people and manipulate their thoughts. They are true magicians, whose talent lies in the ability to influence, heal and even punish people and their feelings.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

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