“The police decided that we were naked and took us away!”: Sarik Andreasyan and Lisa Moryak found themselves in a difficult situation in Italy

The director and the actor are on holiday in Italy. Lisa Moryak persuaded her husband to make an extravagant move. Wrapped in white blankets, the couple took photos at Rome’s famous Trevi Fountain. However, the couple was prevented by law enforcement.

Lisa Moryak and Sarik Andreasyan. Photo: social networks

Sarik Andreasyan explained the incident by showing black and white photographs taken near the fountain on his social networking site. “I can wake up at five in the morning, take a blanket and go to the Trevi Fountain (we call it the Tver fountain) just for the sake of my beloved magical woman,” wrote the director of the film Onegin. .” The producer added that the photo shoot lasted only 15 minutes due to the intervention of the gendarmes.

“The local police thought we were naked and chased us! But I was wearing a sweater! With his natural Armenian sweater. “I think this is intolerant on the part of the gendarmerie,” Sarik Andreasyan said with humor.

The manager called out to the men. He noted that scientists have proven that people who kiss their wives every day live longer than those who do not kiss. Sarik urged representatives of the stronger sex to enroll in “courses for a happy family life from Andreasyan-Sailor.” “Of course we won’t teach you anything, but we will definitely make you laugh!” – the director summarized.

It was previously known that Sarik Andreasyan would shoot a film about figure skater Roman Kostomarov. The producer admitted that the athlete’s story touched him deeply and inspired him to create the film.

Source: People Talk

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