Garik Kharlamov’s bride showed a touching photo from the dacha, but she became the subject of ridicule. what’s wrong with him

Last week, Garik Kharlamov hinted that he would become engaged to Katerina Kovalchuk. The comedian posted a video showing the actor’s hand with a ring on his ring finger. The comedian later confirmed that he proposed to his girlfriend.

Garik Kharlamov and Katerina Kovalchuk. Photo: social networks

Katerina increased interest in their couple on her personal blog. The actor posted a photo in which he posed while hugging a bulldog. As you know, Kharlamov’s nickname in Comedy Club is associated with this particular breed of dog. “When mine was in the dacha,” the actress signed off.

Katerina Kovalchuk with a bulldog. Photo: social networks

The flow of jokes under the photo could not be stopped. “I thought he only turned into a dog at midnight and guarded the house.” “If you are in the village, he just sleeps. He doesn’t know about the existence of the morning,” mocked netizens.

Let us recall that earlier the showman’s mother provoked rumors about her son’s secret wedding. Natalya showed a video with a mysterious caption: “I’m in mother-in-law status again.” Followers congratulated the young couple on their holiday without waiting for official confirmation.

Source: People Talk

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